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About Us

Olivier is born into a family of Parisian pharmacists originally dating back to 16th century Holland. Tapping into his heritage as one of the most preeminent pharmacies in France, he launched Vitamine™ with the goal of combining organic skin treatments with contemporary science to provide the most luxurious skincare available.  Each Vitamine™ skincare product is concidered a crafted work of art, custom formulated in small batches using only the finest organic ingredients in combination with the leading trends in antioxidants, hydrators and moisturizers. Every toner, serum and cream is designed to target your skin's specific needs while rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin's youthful attributes.


Tell us about your earliest interest in skincare?

I moved from Paris to Aspen where I grew up at very high altitudes. I found that the harsh exposure to strong sun, wind, dryness and overall bitter temperatures had a profound effect on aging and quality of everyones skin who lived there.

Is this how you decided to pursue organic skincare?

No, actually it was when I was later in New York City and asked a model I was photographing what she used to keep her skin so radiant (as she wore no make up at all).  She said she started using Vitamin C on her face along with Hyaluronic acid, but didn't really know if the chemicals were natural or not and if this would have an adverse effect on her skin in the future.

So how did you decide to create Vitamine™?

Well, in a way yes. During a trip to Buenos Aires I took a motorcycle into Brazil to the Amazon as an adventure. While visiting local markets I took note from the vendors about the holistic cures they recommended for improving skin. I then went to Paris to work with a leading skincare specialist my co-founder recommended to develop our first trademarked serum 'Super C Plus'.

I expect the results where beyond expectation.

Yes.  However, it took a lot of work and R&D to create an effective formula using all of the ingredients I wanted while also providing a modern and light texture.  Super C Plus is truly an outstanding formula that's perfectly balanced to improve almost every skin condition.

What are some of the ingredients in this serum?

Besides Organic Aloe Vera, there is 20% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B 5, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil.  These are all derived from potent organic sources. 

Are your products made in France?

Believe or not, no.  They are actually created in the West Coast of the United States where organic farming is at the state-of-the-art.  I wanted my skincare line to be created in small batch formulations and for ingredients to be near their source to provide the purest experience for my clients.  Since the formulation was developed with the best cosmetic scientists in France, this was the perfect place to create it in America.