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Vitagrowth, Premium Hair Regrowth Serum (1 ounce)

Vitamine Organic Skincare

Vitagrowth, Premium Hair Regrowth Serum (1 ounce)

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Vitagrowth is the effective natural hair loss serum developed with internationally studied vitamins and antioxidants scientifically recommended for helping improve hair growth. This serum includes Biotin for Hair growth and stimulating caffeine for fighting hair loss. Our soothing formula is gentle on the scalp with no irritation, yet packed with a powerful hair regrowth formulation for fast results.


Application is Fast and Simple:

Apply 3-5 drops directly to scalp just once-a-day massage in gently with fingertips. Wash hands after use. Allow to absorb into scalp for at least 3 hours. There is no odor or oily residue after applying.

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